Mazda Mx-5 in Buenos Aires

Mazda Mx-5 for sale in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Are you currently looking to buy (or sell) a Mazda Mx-5 in Buenos Aires? Vehiclus studied the local used car market of all metropolitan areas in Argentina to determine a pricing profile of various Mazda models depending on their age, technical condition, optical condition, and mileage. To optimize your profits when selling your Mx-5 (or to be sure to not be overcharged when buying a Mazda Mx-5) it is of value to understand all price-establishing factors.

Supply and Demand of Mazda Mx-5 on the local auto market

Buenos Aires is a metropolitan area with currently 13076300 inhabitants. Nevertheless, there are not many Mazda Mx-5 available on the market. Hence, the supply is low and the demand depends on various of parameters for example season, mileage, and used car pricing.

Price Devaluation Curve of the Mx-5 in Buenos Aires

As seen below, cars of the make Mazda and especially of their model Mx-5 devaluate in a very standard way. The mean selling price of the Mx-5 will be lowered by 13% ($28,208) after only one year. After three years, the car typically is valued at 63% of its original selling price ($20,414) while it will only be valued at 32% of the original price after 7 years ($9,420). The Mx-5's value after 12 years is only 10% of its initial price depending on its condition of course.

Depreciation according to vehicle mileage

One more way to describe vehicle depreciation is to study the decrease of value over miles driven. The Mazda Mx-5 depreciation curve below shows this phenomenon for Buenos Aires. The Mx-5 looses most of its value (approximately 47%) within the first 20,000miles (30,000km) driven. The average price for a Mx-5 at that usage level is ca $18,146. After that the devaluation plateaus: at 90k kilometers the Mazda Mx-5 is valued for $10,677 in Buenos Aires and for $5,526 at 180k kilometers of mileage.

Mazda Mx-5 price depending on condition (fair, good, excellent)

The last value that heavily influences the price of a used car is the technical and optical condition of the vehicle. The table below illustrates the deflation of a Mazda Mx-5 according to its year and its condition.

Vehicle Year Mazda Mx-5 Condition
fair good excellent

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Mazda Mx-5 variations:
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