Peugeot 807 in Singapore

Peugeot 807 for sale in Singapore (Singapore)

Are you currently in the market to buy (or sell) a Peugeot 807 in Singapore? Vehiclus surveyed the local used automotive market of all towns in Singapore to establish a pricing profile of various Peugeot models depending on their age, technical condition, optical condition, and mileage. If you want to optimize your profits when selling your 807 (or to make sure to not overpay when buying a Peugeot 807) it is of value to understand all price-establishing factors.

Supply and Demand of Peugeot 807 on the local auto market

Singapore is a city with currently 3547809 inhabitants. However, it is hard to find more than five Peugeot 807 on the market at the same time. Hence, the supply is little and the demand depends on a multitude of parameters such as brand reputation, mileage, and reliability.

Price Devaluation Curve of the 807 in Singapore

As illustrated in the figure below, cars of the car manufacturer Peugeot and especially of their model 807 loose their value in a very average way. The average price of the 807 will be lowered by up to 14% ($60,745) after just 1 year. After 3 years, the car typically costs only 60% of its initial selling price ($43,281) while it will only be priced at 27% of the original price after 7 years ($19,286). The 807's value after 12 years is only 12% of its first price depending on its condition of course.

Depreciation according to vehicle mileage

One more way to analyze car depreciation is to study the decrease of value vs mileage. The Peugeot 807 depreciation curve below describes this phenomenon for the city of Singapore. The 807 looses most of its value (approximately 45%) within the first 30k kilometers of its mileage. The average price for a 807 at that usage level is approximately $39,361. After that the devaluation plateaus: at 90k km the Peugeot 807 is sold for $22,587 in Singapore and for $11,009 at 180k kilometers .

Peugeot 807 price depending on condition (fair, good, excellent)

The last parameter that significantly influences the selling price of a used car is the technical and optical condition of the vehicle. The table below lists the deflation of a Peugeot 807 according to its year and its condition.

Vehicle Year Peugeot 807 Condition
fair good excellent

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Peugeot 807 variations:
807 3.0i V6 BVA
807 2.0i 16V BVA
807 2.2i 16V
807 2.2HDI FAP (170 ch) BVA6
807 2.2HDi FAP
807 2.0HDi FAP (136 ch)
807 2.0HDi (120 ch)
807 2.2HDi (170 ch) BVM6 FAP
807 2.0e 16V (141ch) BVA
807 2.0e 16V BVA
807 2.0HDi BVA
807 2.0e 16V (141ch)
807 2.0HDi 16V (120ch)
807 2.0e 16V
807 2.0HDi 16V (136ch) FAP
807 2.2HDi FAP (170 ch)
807 2.0HDi
807 2.0HDi 16V FAP (136ch)
807 3.0e V6 BVA
807 2.2HDi
807 2.2HDi FAP (170 ch) BVM6
807 2.2HDI 16V FAP BVA6 (170 ch)
807 2.0i 16V
807 2.2e 16V
807 2.0HDi 16v (136ch) FAP